Hi! Welcome to the about page. My name is Veronica Pineda, and I am an actress and singer who now blogs!

I help millennial actors (whether you’re union or non-union) get the support and education they need to kickstart their acting careers and find success in the entertainment industry (focusing on theatre).

As an actress, I know it can get frustrating to:

  • get rejected all the time
  • struggle to create a multi-dimensional character and performance for the audience
  • learn the “business” side of acting, such as headshots and demo reels
    • how long? what type of clips?
  • work to keep up your confidence in a very competitive industry
  •  take time to find projects to be a part of
  • be taken seriously as an actor (especially if you’re non-union!)

To share my story, I got started in musical theatre a few years ago. The first musical I ever did was Fiddler on the Roof, and it was great! I made a lot new friends and learned a ton from just watching all the time. But I wanted to learn more.

I scoured many websites but couldn’t find much information on the “lifestyle” of an actor, such as:

  • staying healthy for a show
  • how to nail an audition (from someone who is still acting)
  • keeping confident during the dark times
  • the best survival jobs

I started this blog because I wanted to share practical tips with actors and actresses who wanted more than just “audition tips” and “career advice” from retired actors. How about up-to-date information from someone who is living it? This blog is going to address these questions as I pursue my career as a musical theatre performer. My goal is to perform on Broadway someday! 🙂

I am still learning more about acting and the industry, so this blog will always be a work in progress, since I’m learning new tips about acting all the time through my lessons, research on the internet, and books I read. I’m ready to delve into the acting world and know all there is to know! I love sharing my tips with you and want to give advice to people who need it.

From this blog, you can expect:

  • 2-4 posts a month
  • inspiring posts on social media (especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

To keep up to date with me, join my email list below. You’ll get a freebie in addition to being confirmed to my email list. I send out a weekly newsletter with actionable and/or inspiring content that’s not seen on the blog. Also, I sometimes share resources I’ve found. It’s great and it’s free.